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Eastern Iowa Community Colleges continue to operate in accordance with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Iowa Department of Public Health guidelines. 

The following COVID health and safety protocols are effective beginning August 22, 2022:
Download 4 C's Poster (PDF)

  1. Check Your Symptoms

    Stay home if you’re sick.
    • If you’re experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms, please rest at home and do not come to campus.
      The CDC regularly updates their list of symptoms related to new variants.
      Learn more about COVID-19 symptoms
  2. Complete a COVID-19 Test

    Remain off campus while awaiting results
    • If you’re experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19, complete a COVID-19 test. Tests are available through your healthcare provider, local pharmacies, EICC Campus or Test Iowa.
    • We encourage you to order free at-home testing kits via the U.S. Postal Service. Having tests ahead of time will make it easier for you to test if you begin feeling sick.
      Order your free test kits
  3. Confirm Your Need to Isolate or Quarantine

    • If you’re experiencing symptoms, with a known exposure to COVID-19 or having tested positive for COVID-19, you should consult with your healthcare provider or you can also use the CDC Quarantine or Isolation Calculator to determine your need to isolate or quarantine.
    • Follow the instructions from your healthcare provider, or from the CDC calculator, to determine your need to quarantine or isolate off campus. Follow the recommended isolation or quarantine and consider if your symptoms have improved before returning to campus.
    • When you have reached your return to college/work date, if your symptoms are not improving, continue to isolate until 24 hours after your symptoms improve. Reach out to your healthcare provider if you have questions.
  4. Communicate your absence


  • Let your instructors know you’re sick or have an appointment 
  • We encourage you to keep your instructors informed when you’ll be absent due to illness or appointments. 
  • You should contact your instructors when a need to miss a class or deadline arises. Instructors may request appropriate documentation regarding your absence.
  • If you’re ill for an extended period of time, we encourage you to contact your instructors and/or advisor to explore best options for completing your courses.