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Online Classes and Programs

  • Almost all certificates are three, one-month classes
  • Most certificates have classes that can be taken in any order
  • Many classes are also available for purchase individually

  • Technical and vendor-authorized training
  • Online-live option provides a hands-on learning experience with a live instructor, all without leaving your desk

  • More than 400 classes available
  • Six-week, instructor-led courses
  • Some classes are also available in a self-paced format, with three months to complete
  • Monthly start dates

  • More than 250 self-paced programs
  • Designed to give you the skills needed to acquire professional level positions
  • Most programs are six to 12 months long
  • Start anytime

What is self-paced?

That means there is no set schedule. You complete the material, such as lessons and assignments, at your pace. This option is best for self-motivated learners.
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